Saturday, July 02, 2005

Introduction and hello

Hi y'all. I probably met most (but I think not all) of you at Austin DemFest the other weekend. I just wanted to say something by way of introducing myself, before I leave for nearly 3 weeks. We're off to Hawaii tomorrow, and then 2 days home and off again, this time to Utah. Which, unfortunately, means I won't get to meet y'all on the 17th, but I hope there will be another pot-luck later on. In the meantime, have a great 4th, try not to worry too much about anything (these words are actually directed at myself), and don't forget to breathe.

Description: Singer/songwriter from around here (though not originally), 3 daughters, 3 grandsons (I don't know which gives me more joy, and I don't know which worries me more in these times). Been a liberal, feminist, Democrat since I was capable of connected thought. Learned it from my folks. My dad is, if anything, further left than me. Ready to work on change.


Blogger LookinForward said...

Have a great time in Hawaii!!! We will hold down the fort here, and we sure will have another potluck after you get back.

8:40 PM  
Blogger roses said...

Hi, Songmaker. I don't know if we met at DemFest, but I'm looking forward--oops, I guess that should be lookinforward (no G for GOP!)--to meeting you when you get back to town.

6:23 PM  

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