Saturday, September 03, 2005

Act locally to help Katrina victims via Veterans for Peace

Austin Kos and other progressives, here's our chance to help out Katrina victims in a very direct way, through the Veterans for Peace Impeachment tour. These are the same fine people who transported Cindy Sheehan in and out of Crawford and were in Austin last week, when they announced that they would travel to Louisiana to deliver 10,000 pounds of leftover supplies that had been donated to Camp Casey in Crawford.

The VFP has opened a soup kitchen in Covington, La. As of last night, the report from Covington was There is no government here! The Louisiana National Guard is not here. Only we are here and the people of this community are in distress” (“VFP Soup Kitchen Now Open in Covington, LA!”).

Before you read any further, please note the following NEEDS TODAY IN AUSTIN FOR YOUR VOLUNTEER TIME:

Cafe Mundi, 1704 E. 5th St., is the drop-off site. Margaret Hayes is the volunteer who is coordinating there. Here are her specific needs:

  • A ride at 4 pm today (Saturday) from Cafe Mundi to a nearby house where someone has promised to give her some cash in hand.
  • Someone to sit at Cafe Mundi today (Saturday) to accept donations from 3:45 to 4:45.
  • People to sign up for shifts at Cafe Mundi. Just stop by to sign up.

Margaret does not have a cell phone or a laptop, so to contact her, just go by Cafe Mundi. She will be there by noon today and is looking forward to visiting with people who stop by.

Now for more details.

A generous volunteer will be driving a pickup truck of supplies from Austin to Covington, leaving Austin on Monday. He estimates that his expenses will be $100. (I think it could easily be more.)


The most recent communication I have is that the following are needed:

  • ice chests with ice [From roses: Obviously, hold off on the ice for now, but I’m sure ice chests would be great.]
  • low-fat powdered milk
  • canned foods
  • fresh fruit
  • gasoline [From roses: Do not take gasoline to Cafe Mundi! But perhaps empty gas containers would be helpful. I will try to find out more on this.]
  • additional generators
  • shelter [From roses: I think this means tents.]
  • flashlights [From roses: And batteries!!]
  • “Some potatoes and onions would be nice.”

Note that they want to fill 3/4 of the truckload with bottled water. Any extra stuff that can't fit in the truck will either be sent in another trip to Covington or given to Katrina evacuees here.


Donations for gas or supplies for the delivery to Covington can be made in cash or by check to “Crawford Peace House” (write "hurricane relief" in the “for” line). Take your donations to Cafe Mundi.


I’ll update here as I get more info. And please, if you get new information when you go to Cafe Mundi, post it here.

Thanks in advance for your contributions. Let’s fill up that truck!


Blogger Sandia Blanca said...

Rosemary, thanks for this information-- I will go to Cafe Mundi and talk to Margaret.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Othniel said...

I have volunteered to serve as a Chaplain with several agencies, adn would be willing to accompany anyone to Shrevport in that capacity, which seems more appropriate and useful than my lawyer persona for now. My friend in Houston is also working with Interfaith agencies, and will be hosting me if I am directed to Houston.

10:16 AM  
Blogger roses said...

sandia and othniel--you are terrific!

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:16 AM  
Blogger Othniel said...

Katrina’s Houston Refugees Update from Barbara:

September 3, 2005

1. Food provision for refugees will cost $4.5 million per month. Houston’s faith-based community has voluntarily assumed this obligation. The central administrative authority for this massive undertaking is the Second Baptist Church, (713) 465-3408. Donations are being accepted at J.P. Morgan Chase acct# 00113475207. The relief effort to feed the evacuees has moved to the George R. Brown Convention Center. Operation Compassion will not be involved at the Houston Astrodome.

2. Detailed information about the effort is located at

3. Volunteers are needed for the food effort. Second Baptist Church will provide the 240 workers per day required for the first week. Volunteers must first be trained to serve food. The training session lasts about two hours, and will be held at the Worship Center of the Second Baptist Church at the 6400 Woodway/Corner of Woodway and Voss in Houston.

4. Food Service Training Dates: Sun, Sept 4, 2pm/Mon, Sept 5, 1pm

5. Personal Hygiene Kits: Volunteers can assemble kits and drop them off at the warehouse location above, at Woodway and Voss. Kits should be put together in a 1-gallon Ziploc bag, and should contain a toothbrush, regular-sized toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and a travel pack of wet wipes.

2:06 PM  
Blogger roses said...

Thanks for the info, othniel. Is that the figure just for the people in Houston? Or for all in Texas? (I heard that Houston had become the "command center" for all of Texas.)

2:24 PM  

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