Saturday, September 24, 2005

Help our Katrina "sponsees" with specific needs

All of these families need help with rides. Making arrangements to provide a particular family with regular trips to the grocery store would be very helpful. Donations of small items can be dropped off at roses' house. To arrange for help with rides, jobs, or special needs or to make furniture donations, please contact Othniel. (If you don't have contact info for roses or Othniel, please leave a comment here so that we can respond.)

[Update: Some of the lists below have been updated to include additional items, even if not specifically noted. Also, Myrtle's needs have been added at the end.]

[Update 2: A gumbo pot is a really big soup pot!]

Ruffin (49)

Job: in restaurant or grocery, hard worker
Special need: dentures
Other needs:
Iron and ironing board
TV table
Gumbo pot
DVDs with Halle Berry

Angela (38) and family
Michelle, 19, daughter
Lawrence, 18, 12th grade, son
Kaycie, 22, daughter
Willie, 22, son-in-law
Michael, 2, grandson
Kayshelle, 1, granddaughter

Jobs: Angela (security officer); Michelle (unskilled); Kaycie (cook); Willie (custodian)

Special needs:
  • Rides to grocery store and back would be very helpful (family is taking the bus to the grocery but a cab back at 15$ per trip).
  • Family needs help working the bus lines.
  • Angela needs help getting her replacement SS card and IDs; she had been unable to open a bank account or cash her FEMA check. She is holding the family together, needs support; she is cooking for many now.
  • Michelle and Kaycie need prenatal care.
Lawrence: Pants 48 waist, 32 length; 3X shirts; 11-1/2 shoes; 46 to 48 underwear
Angela: Size 22 women’s pants; XL tops; 10-1/2 women’s shoes [Update: A purse has been donated--thanks!]
Michelle: XL tops; 16 pants; 7-1/2 women’s shoes or 6-1/2 boy's shoes

1 queen bed, 1 twin bed / sheets, pillows, bedding [Update: A crib has been found!]
Cleaning supplies, mop, broom, vacuum
Cooking spoons, large knives, mixing bowls, cookie sheets, skillets, cutting board, glasses
Bath towels, 2 shower curtains; laundry detergent; iron and ironing board
Hair clippers for the men
Table and chairs; TV stand or table
(Small kids have plenty of toys)
[Update: Plus the following:]

School supplies for Lawrence, folders and spiral notebooks, calculator
African American hair care products for the women
Shoe polish kit for Willie and Lawrence
Angela likes to sew, so material and sewing stuff might be helpful.

Coretta (32) and family
Nellshon, 12th grade, daughter (17)
Coreinel, 9th grade, daughter (14)
Mercedez, 7th grade, daughter (11)
Roderick, 4th grade, son (9)
Rashad, 9th grade, nephew (14)

Job: Coretta is looking for work as a health care aid.

Special need: This family could use help with a car. (Coretta had a car but no car insurance.)

Coretta: women’s size 12 pants, large shirts, 7-1/2 women’s shoes
Roderick: size 4-1/2 shoes, 8-10 boys shorts, socks, small tee shirts

1 more bed is needed / sheets, pillows, bedding, for all beds
Kitchen table; microwave
Dishes; silverware; glasses and cups; pots and pans, cookie sheets, kitchen utensils
Bath towels and washcloths; 2 shower curtains
2 lamps; alarm clock
Cleaning supplies, mop, broom, rubber gloves; iron and ironing board
TV, possibly with DVD; Spiderman on DVD, teenage girls movies; Playstation 2, San Andreas
School supplies; football
Roderick is left-handed; he needs a pair of left-handed scissors and a left-handed baseball glove.

Edwima (57; mother of Coretta, Karyn, Tina, and Angela)

Special need: Someone to talk to, another grandmother
A plant for her balcony
Cookware, microwave, coffeemaker
TV table to eat on; a chair to sit in; a chair for her balcony
Cleaning supplies, mop, broom; toilet paper; shower curtain

Karyn (35) and family
Orlando, 12th grade, 17, son
Avi, 11th grade, 16, daughter
(Jasmerelda is at Nichols State, 18, sophomore, nursing school)
Tina (34), sister
Antoinetta, 12th grade, 17, Tina's daughter
[Update:] Eugene, 6th grade, 12, Tina's son (in transit)
Tina and her children will be getting their own apartment in the same complex around October 8.

Job: Karyn, preschool or daycare, would love to be a nanny, has computer skills; was working on getting her preschool teaching credentials, may need educational help toward that goal here.

Special needs: Orlando needs a physical for high school sports.

Clothes: [Clothing is a new addition to this list.]
Nightgowns/pajamas for the girls and women, plus:
Karyn: 14 bottom, large top, 8 ladies' shoes; needs jeans, belt, job interview clothes
: 32 waist, 32 length, XL shirts, 9 shoes
Avi: 16 bottom, M or L top, 8 ladies' shoes; needs school clothes
Tina has hardly any clothes: 10/12 bottom, M/L top, 9 or 9-1/2 ladies' shoes
Antoinetta: 5/6 bottom, top small, 6 ladies' shoes
Eugene: boy's 14/16 tops and jeans, size 5 shoes

Queen or double bed for Karyn and Avi to share; beds for Tina and Antoinetta / sheets, pillows, bedding
Kitchen table and chairs; living room chairs
Gumbo pot, cutlery, mugs, kitchen canisters, colander
Mop, broom, vacuum, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent
2 shower curtains; bath towels and washcloths; caot hangers
African American hair care products
Computer for Karyn (Othniel is working with IBM and Dell, but doesn’t think they will help)
2 PS2 memory cards; PS 2 Juiced
A plant would be nice
[Update: Twin bed for Orlando found! The following additional items are requested:]
For Orlando: a wallet; any Will Smith movies on DVD
For Avi: CD player, Drumline on DVD

Troy (36) and Ari
(Two sons: one in Atlanta, one fled Houston)
Arianna (23), girlfriend

Special needs:
  • Needs help with insurance and FEMA questions; have not received FEMA support and out of Red Cross funds.
  • Troy had car insurance and has a rental car for about 20 more days.
  • Medical support, possibly neurologist; arm injured in evacuation.
is an electrician; has a part-time job for 3 months but needs full-time work.
Ari is a waitress looking for work.

2 beds (1 queen and 1 other) / sheets, pillows, bedding
TV stand or table; small bookshelf; kitchen table with chairs; 2 dressers; chair for living room
Pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc.; toaster or toaster oven; dish towels
2 shower curtains; bath towels
Mop, broom, vacuum; cleaning supplies
Iron and ironing board; laundry detergent; washer/dryer (has connections in apt.)
Alarm clock; DVD or VHS player
Phone card minutes for a track phone
Computer (Othniel is working with IBM and Dell, but doesn’t think they will help)

Veronica (68)
Needs info to come


Miss Myrtle will be moving into her own place on Tuesday (9/27).

Job: Worked with the USPS in New Orleans and is hoping to get part-time work here (she is partially disabled).

Queen size bed / linens, bedding
Chair, small bookshelf
Telephone, lamp, TV, microwave, coffeemaker
Pots, pans, canister set, mugs, breadbox, cookie jar, kitchen spoons and cutlery, colander, chopping board
Kitchen towels and dishcloths, Ivory liquid, Cascade
Washer/dryer (electric)
Cleaning supplies, Charmin
Coat hangers
Plant for her patio
Joyce Meyers books or other spiritual books


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can help with a couple of things. Email me at

6:17 PM  
Blogger roses said...

Thanks, imbpanama!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Sandia Blanca said...

Robert, just sent you an e-mail full of all kinds of job possibilities (got everything except electrician)-- Seton will be a good place to try, I think, and as an organization we've been doing a lot for hurricane survivors.

7:15 PM  
Blogger roses said...

That's such good news, Sandia!

8:09 PM  
Blogger Othniel said...

Thank you all.

I will be distributing the lists at my church (University Baptist) this morning, and sandia is taking it to her church, University Methodist, which is a partner with my church in the Central Austin Micah 6 ministries.

I will continue to add other families as I regain contact.

Any Children's bikes would be useful as well.

The crib has been provided.

4:15 AM  

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