Tuesday, September 06, 2005

News from Camp Casey III in Covington, La.

Via Margaret:

"A total of four truckloads of Camp Casey donations from the Crawford Peace house have been distributed either to Covington or to the "enchanted forest" peace camp here [in Austin] for hurricane survivors. Debbie Russel is managing that project. Combined with Camp Casey donations and donations from Camp Casey alumni here in Austin we have filled a total of six trucks TO THE BRIM AND STUFF FALLING OUT AND LASHED ON TOP of various sizes with donations for hurricane relief here in Austin and in Covington. Not too bad!!! Thank you all peace lovers near and far. And thanks to Jessica, owner of Cafe Mundi, our donation site which hopped with activity all weekend. Stop by for some coffee and tell her thanks."

A few photos from Covington are here, under the "Veterans for Peace Covington" link.

A post on from the Camp Casey Alumni forum:

"While the total number of U.S. soldier killed in Iraq while Bush was on vacation is fixed at 78, his despicable negligence in continuing his holiday while people were dying from a lack of help after Katrina has given a whole new meaning to the concept. BushVacationBodyCount.com has been updated according and in the immediate future will focus on the disaster relief work being done Camp Casey III."


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