Sunday, September 11, 2005

No Nonsense Campaign against Prop 2

I would like to invite all members and readers to get involved now, today, in the fight against the Prop 2, the constitutional amendment which purports to ban same-sex marriage (which is already illegal in the state of Texas).

Please visit the campaign website and download the talking points. You can also print flyers to distribute to your friends and neighbors, co-workers, fellow church members, whoever is in your sphere of influence. You can register for the calendar and register to attend events on the calendar. If you don't live in Texas, send money.

I am personally working to coordinate faith communities in Houston and UU communities state-wide to work against this constitutional amendment. To that end, I have developed an inventory list of helpful material for each individual to carry around and use while talking to people. Each person who is a member of a church or temple should consider working with me or with your regional faith coordinator to organize interested members to fight this amendment. In like fashion, if you are a member of a Humanist group, political club, neighborhood group, please consider doing the same. Contact me if you are interested using some of the resources I have developed or want to serve as a liaison from the campaign to your church, club, or group. Contact me if you are interested in getting involved with the campaign in any capacity, I don't care where you live, I will find the right person to set you to work.

This amendment is the latest in a long run of erosions of our civil liberties and freedoms that we have come to take for granted in the US. This is not solely a gay issue. This affects us all. We are on the verge of writing discrimination against an identifiable minority of our society into our constitution. Are you horrified by the precedent this would be? I certainly am.

What's more, the discrimation against this identifiable minority is already part of the legal system. So what was the point of this amendment again? Seems like a blatant attempt to demonize that identifiable minority to me. So, at the risk of being trite, if we don't stand together, exactly who will stand with you if and when you are an identifiable minority that is the target of discrimination and demonization?

It's time to push back. Yes, there are a lot of terrible things going on right now. I am here to tell you that we can do something about this particular terrible thing. And guess what, we can build a network that we can mobilize when other terrible things are proposed, because there is more like this coming down the pike.

Senfronia Thompson noted regarding this amendment, "I want you to know that this amendment [is] blowing smoke to fuel the hell-fire flames of bigotry". Read her full remarks here.

58 days till election day (November 8).

30 days till the voter registration deadline (October 11).

What have you done to fight this bill today?


Blogger roses said...

Thanks for the info, Sarah. I knew about this campaign, but now I've visited the website. The summary of talking points will be very useful.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Sarah Berel-Harrop said...

The personal action packet at hope for peace and justice is also spectacular

5:00 PM  
Blogger roses said...

Thanks, Sarah. Am printing it out now.

11:22 PM  
Blogger refinish69 said...

Thanks for all you are doing!!! This is something all Fair Minded Texans need to get behind and get done.

6:53 AM  

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