Friday, September 16, 2005

A Room to Call My Own

Just stopped off for Ruffin to heat up some Gumbo on the way to move into his apartment. Ruffin is exited to be leaving the Convention Center, and to have a place of his own in Austin for now. We located a couple of place settings of dishes and some silverware. Some salt and some Ivory Liquid. And a spare mixing bowl. Ruffin is taking his cot and bedding from the Convention Center for now. Austex54 is bringing him a mattress tonight.

Ruffin says, "Hello, and God Bless all of you. Please join me in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I appreciate everything you have done for me in Austin. It feels Good to have my own place for now, and I think I can work the bus lines, and find a job or two."

Veronica is moving into her place tonight, along with many of the senior citizens from New Orleans. We are getting her a plant for her balcony tomorrow.

Janet Strange is taking Liz to the Humane Shelter to pick up her dogs, while Troy and Ari move their things into their new apartment near Oltorf and I-35. Troy and I took a short trip to San Antonio last evening, and he plans to drive to Houston tomorrow to visit his two year old son for the first time since the strom - though it will be a while before he can get to Atlanta to visit his 11 year old son, Troy Junior.

Karyn, Orlando, Edwima, Lawrence, Michelle and most of their family are locating near Northcross Mall, although Roderick, his three siblings and his mother Coretta will be a few blocks away.

Karry left today for Kentucky to join his brother. I told him goodbye for all of us, thanks for the Gumbo, and that we are proud to have known him. He peromised to call me with his new contact information.

Relaxing a moment while Ruffin heats his Gumbo and makes some rice. And smoking my brand new pipe Ruffin got for me from Wal-Mart last evening. I have never had one which meant as much to me. I will treasure this gift of friendship for years.


Blogger refinish69 said...

Please tell them all hello for me!!! and that I am thinking of them daily. When you hear from Karry, thank him again for the fabulous food and wonderful conversation on the night of the Gumbo Bash.

I guess our next mission will be doing a welcome wagon type basket for everyone with things for the kitchen and bathroom. We can brainstorm and put together another wish list and get people busy setting up the new homes- temporary and permanent. I know how much the personal touches can mean.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Othniel said...

Ruffin has one of your Teddy Bears and a Barbie on his built in bookshelf - on either side of a Texas Democrat bumper sticker. He plans to register to vote tomorrow.

5:53 PM  
Blogger refinish69 said...

YEEEEEEEEE HAW!!! That makes my day and adds a smile to my face.

6:13 PM  

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