Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Action Alert: Let Utah See Brokeback Mountain

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From: Michael Kaminer PR

Ironweed Films, the DVD-of-the-month club using movies to rally audiences
around progressive social and political issues, launched an online
petition ( today urging Larry Miller to
put Brokeback Mountain back on the schedule of his theater in Sandy, Utah.

Miller's theater unexpectedly pulled Brokeback Mountain from its schedule
this past weekend. (See "Utah Theater Cancels Brokeback Mountain")

For more information about Ironweed Films, visit or contact Patrick Kowalczyk
( at 212.627.8098

Sign the Petition to Let Brokeback Mountain Play!

The Megaplex theatre in Sandy, Utah has pulled the pathbreaking film
Brokeback Mountain from its screens. The decision by the Megaplex, which
is owned by Larry Miller, who also owns the Utah Jazz basketball team,
could signal the beginning of a trend to try to turn people away from this
powerful and important film.

At Ironweed Films our mission is to help films like Brokeback Mountain -
genre-breaking films that are masterpieces - get seen. We hope you'll join
us by signing our petition to Larry Miller to let Brokeback play.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New designs at Doing My Part For The Left

I haven't been posting much on my blog or any blogs for that matter but I have been busy designing away as more news about the Bush Regime has been revealed.

First was the news break about Bush approving wiretaps without warrants. So much for due process of the law in America any more.

Image hosted by


Then we receive the news that it is only incoming calls he is listening to. Does anyone believe this? I know I don't. Bush has lied so much to the American Public I do not think he knows what is the truth and what is a lie anymore.

Image hosted by

Liar in Chief

I truly think Bush sold out America and everything America stands for a long time ago. He does not believe in Freedom for anyone unless they are the privileged rich who support him.

Image hosted by

Bush Rummage Sale

We all know Bush is the first President to ever serve two terms without being elected to even one.

Image hosted by

George W. Bush

For these and other great liberal designs, visit Doing My Part for The Left. The home of official John Courage, Barry Welsh, & Mary Beth Harrell campaign gear.

P.S. If you know any candidates who need gear designed, send them my way.