Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Great Debate or The One Sided Slam Dunk

All I can say is if Rep Chisum is the best they have, then we will win hands down in Texas and defeat this stupidity.

Did you know that marriage has only been around for 500 years? Did you also know that 17 states have passed constitutional amendments instead of the 12 mentioned in all news stories? This of course according to the wisdom or lack of from Rep. Chisum.

Also, unless you are raised by a man and a woman, you have not been raised in a healthy household. I have a feeling that my 70 year old mother might have a few choice words for Rep Chisum. She raised two boys on her own after her dead beat husband abandoned her for the 3rd time while she was pregnant. One is gay and one is straight but we are both good citizens and damn lucky to have been raised by a wonderful woman on her own.

Chisum thanked the crowed even though we were a hostile audience. There was some hissing( especially when he tried to compare us to Mississippi) and a few comments but no one screamed out or booed him even though he deserved it.

Anne spoke of love, family and children. Anything that strengthens the bonds of family is a good thing for Texas. She even said that the laws on the books outlawing gay marriage are wrong and should be repealed. When asked why shouldn't we fall in line with the other 12 not 17 states, Anne said " Cause we are Texas!" She then went on to explain Texans love of freedom and how times have changed and restricting the rights of one group is legal discrimination and wrong.

The best Chisum could come up with is that same sex marriage degrades marriage. He did apologize if he offend anyone or if we thought he was discriminating against us since he wasn't. Guess the old fool didn't even read his own bill.

To help defeat this proposition, check out the campaign website at


Blogger Othniel said...

Zane reports the debate was awesome. Plus he sat next to his US History Professor and was awarded extra credit for attending.

9:23 PM  
Blogger refinish69 said...

I saw Zane there and gave him a hug for being there. You should be proud he is an exceptional young man.

I also gave a hug to Anne Wynne after the debate for the wonderful job she did.

11:17 PM  

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