Monday, October 24, 2005

Early Voting Has Begun

Early voting began today and I was one of the 1st in Williamson County to cast my vote for Equal Rights in Texas. Amendment 2 is nothing but bigotry on a grand scale. It is a hate bill. The amendment’s only purpose is to appease the ultra-right and bring about more fear, hate and intolerance while gaining money and support for a party that cares nothing for Texas, Texas Families or Texas Values.

I urge everyone to go out and vote what you feel in your heart. Fair Minded Texans do not believe in discrimination. Do not let this smoke screen issue fool you into believing Perry and the rest of the hate mongers have done anything for Texas or ever will. Their record speaks loudly to their ineptitude. Tell the Governor and the Legislature you expect good government not lies, fear, and hatred. Vote No on Amendment 2.


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