Sunday, November 06, 2005

Senfronia is not only my Hero. She is a Goddess!

Today we gathered at the south steps of the Texas State Capital to speak out against Amendment 2.  The crowd started out sparse but grew to at least 1000 people by the end.  There was music, singing, some impromptu dancing and lots of good will…except for one nut group that showed up in support of the amendment. They number all of 15 deluded idiots. Whenever they tried to show their signs, groups of people would stand in front of them holding our signs and blocking them.

The main speaker of the day was Rep. Senfronia Thompson.  Her speech on the floor of the legislature has been spread across the Internet so many times it is almost legend as well it should be.  Here are some of the highlights from today’s speech.

“ I was shocked to see The Ku Klux Klan and the spearhead for this hate Amendment.  That explains this bigotry.”

“ Instead of a constitutional amendment about gay marriage why not spend your time working to get an amendment for equal education for all Texas children.  An amendment to outlaw adultery. An amendment to out law domestic violence or better yet one to outlaw bigotry.  Bigotry is something we can do without.”

She spoke of the early days of the Civil Rights Movement and how things use to be in Texas when she was younger.  She handled the one heckler from the opposition like a true pro and he finally gave up.

We can win this fight.  We just need everyone to vote and then call everyone they know to make sure they have either already voted or will on November 8th.

I know I have written about this a lot. I also know that this fight is not only about GLBT rights.  It is about Equal Rights for all. I want to thank the people who have worked so hard and still are towards defeating this bigotry and ask yet again for any help anyone can give.  

I will close with a poem I wrote this moring and wore on a shirt with my late Lover's picture.

Our Love was a Pure Love

It was a Gift from Heaven

Yes, Love Exist

Our Love was a Strong Love

It Sustained Us

Yes, Love Exist

Our Love was a Miracle

It Survived Bigotry & Intolerance

Yes, Love Exist

Our Love was Magical

It was no Threat

Yes, Love Exist

S. Whichard


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